mercoledì 14 aprile 2021

World Music Radio on 927kHz


World Music Radio (WMR) has now commenced test transmission on 927 kHz from Copenhagen starting Wednesday April 14th 2021 at 1130 UTC. It is on the air 24 hours a day 7 days a week and provides local coverage in the larger Copenhagen area. Reception should also be possible in the rest of Zealand, in Southwestern Sweden and along the Baltic sea coast in Poland and Germany.

It has taken four years to get it on the air. It took a very, very long time to find a transmitter site, and then it also took quite some time to plan the site, erect a mast, design the aerial and do all the constructions and installations. The site is Hvidovre, Copenhagen; it is the same site as Radio208 transmitting on 5970 kHz. The power on 927 kHz is going to be 500 Watts, but for the first few days with reduced power. The mast is only 18 m tall and the aerial is a coil aerial with approx. 400 m of radials.

Meanwhile WMR continuous broadcasting on 5930 kHz (200 Watts from Bramming) also round the clock; however, reception is difficult or impossible at times when 5930 is used by the ‘big boys’ (e.g. VoA from around 16 UTC to 18 UTC and RFI 21-23 UTC). Also 15790 kHz (200 Watts from Randers) is still in use Saturdays and Sundays 0700-2000 UTC. In late April or May, WMR plans to start broadcasting on 25770 kHz (150 Watts) from Maarslet in the Southern outskirts of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

Reception reports to World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers, Denmark, are welcome. If possible please enclose return postage (two international reply coupons or five euro) for a printed QSL-card, a pennant and stickers. A new WMR-QSL for 2021 will be printed late April 2021. E-mails to are also welcome. Please note that reception reports which are based on the use of remote receivers are not QSLed (unless you are using your own remote receiver in your own part of the world).

Stig Hartvig Nielsen (2021-04-14) via

via Bruno Pecolatto-AIR130

martedì 13 aprile 2021

Radio Andorra, Radio Tarma, Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Mike Radio & Co. - Log in onde corte

Log in onde corte a Milano con un po' di ascolti di vario tipo. Tra questi anche la trasmissione speciale di Radio Andorra, per ricordare l'emittente storica dal principato. RX: AirspyHF+ Discovery ANT: Folded dipole 15 metres long.
73, Giampiero Bernardini

3955 3/4 0005 Radio Channel 292, Rohrbach Germany, songs EE, good
4775.03 9/4 0000 Radio Tarma, Peru, SS, songs weak // streaming
4840 3/4 0000 WWCR, Nashville, TN USA, talks EE, fair
4870 2/4 2350 Radio Mistery 21, pirate, songs, fair
4875 8/4 2235 Radio Mistery 21, pirate, songs, ids EE, fair
4885 9/4 0006 Radio Clube do Parà, Brazil, PP, talks fair
4895 3/4 1827 Mike Radio, Heerde, Netherlands talks EE many ids, end bc, carrier off 1835 fair good

5010 9/4 0009 AWR, Okeechobee, FL USA, SS songs talks, fair
5025 9/4 0015 Radio Rebelde, Cuba, SS talks about economics, good
5040 9/4 0012 Radio Habana Cuba, talks in Creole, fair good

5850 3/4 0010 Radio Slovakia Int. Okeechobee, FL USA, slovak program, fair
5895 3/4 1815 Radio Northern Star, Bergen, Norway, songs, weak with fading //streaming
5915 8/4 2225 Radio Zambia, Lusaka, long talks, music, Vn weak fair //streaming
5915 3/4 0015 Myanmar Radio, talks Burmese, weak
5930 3/4 1810 World Music Radio, Bramming, Denmark, usual nice songs prg, fair
5950 3/4 0025 Prophecy Club, via WRMI FL USA, religious talks, EE, good
5970 8/4 2215 Radio 208, Copenhagen Hvidovre, Denmark, songs, fair
5970 3/4 0030 WEWN Vandiver, AL USA, SS talks, fair
5995 3/4 1805 RTV du Mali, talks in Vn, Afro songs, good

6000 3/4 0034 Radio Habana Cuba, EE, Cuban songs talks, air
6005 9/4 0830 Radio Ukraine Int. Kall Krekel Germany, bc in German, fair good
6005 7/4 1130 Radio Slovakia Int, Kall Krekel, Germany, French program, good
6065 3/4 1800 Voice of Hope Africa, Zambia, EE, religious talks, weak fair
6070 11/4 1024 Valley FM, Rohrbach Germany, EE talks oldies, fair good
6085 7/4 1105 Radio Mi Amigo, Kall Krekel, Germany, ids, songs, fair

6130 11/4 0800 Radio Casanova Pirate Netherlands, songs, many ids also in Italian, Dutch, fair
6134.81 3/4 0040 Radio Aparecida, Brazil, religious songs, PP fair
6140 3/4 1750 Radio Onda, Borculo Netherland, songs no stop also Brazilians, fair
6170 3/4 1740 Radio New Zealand Pacific, EE, talks, weak

6180 12/4 1715 Radio Andorra, via Moosbrunn Austria, special event tribute, FF songs, very good

6185 3/4 0047 Radio Educacion Mexico, SS talks, weak

6985 2/4 2320  The Vault, pirate, nice songs, EE, fair good
7305 3/4 0100 Radio Vaticana, Greenville NC USA, start Portuguese program, good
7490 3/4 0105 WBCQ Monticello ME USA, talks EE, weak fair
7505 3/4 0109 WRNO New Orleans, LA USA, religious talks, good
7850 3/4 0114 CHU Ottawa, ON Canada, time pips, ids FF & EE, good

9265 3/4 0130 WINB Red Lion PA USA, songs, EE, fair
9310 12/4 1700 Deewa Radio VOA, Ban Dung, Thailand, Pastho, reports, good
9330 12/4 1705 WBCQ Worlds Last Chance, Monticello ME USA, EE, talks, good
9385 6/4 0845 WEWN Vandiver AL USA, religious talks, EE, off at 0855 good

9395 3/4 0120 RAE Argentina al Mundo, via WRMI, USA, EE program, fair
9495 3/4 0122 Radio Republica, via Issoudun France to Cuba, politics SS, fair
9510 28/3 1100-1130 AWR Wave Scan, Saftica Romania, History of radio in Australia and New Zealand & DX news, EE, good

9610 11/4 0900 AWR, Nauen Germany, Italian, Obiettivo DX by R. Scaglione, very good
9650 3/4 0116 Radio Habana Cuba, SS, interview, fair //9535 good
9664.91 9/4 0019 Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu, Brazil, relious talks PP, great id, fair

11530 6/4 0855 Radio Denge Welat, Maiac, Pridnestrovie, music, news in Kurdish, good
11645 2/4 1715 Voice of Korea, Kuyang North Korea, usual songs, weak

11720 3/4 1725 Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat, songs, talks Finnish, fair with fading
6/4 0803 Voice of Nigeria, Abuja, English (presumed!), poor with low modulation

11805 12/4 1630 AWR, Trincomalee Sri Lanka, Pashto prg talks and songs, good
11860 7/4 1215 Rep. Yemen Radio Sanaa, via Saudi Arabia, AA, songs, weak fair
11885 12/4 1636 Voice of Vietnam, Hanoi-Son Tay, Russian program, good
11900 7/4 1222 Reach Beyond Australia, Kununnurra Australia, Hindi service, talks, songs Fair
12015 12/4 1643 Voice of Korea, Kuyang North Korea, songs, mx, German, good

15030 7/4 1228 AIR, Bengaluru India, songs, talks Swahili, fair good
15160 9/4 0857 KBS World Radio, Kimjae South Korea, identification loop, start Korean, fair
15245 6/4 0825 Voice of Korea, Kujang, North Korea, music, talks in Russian, weak
15290 6/4 0830 Radio Japan NHK WS, Issoudun, France, talks Japanese, jazz, fair

15450 11/4 0927 FEBC, Iba Philippinas, loop id and start in Mongolian, fair
15455 6/4 0835 Radio France Int. Issoudun, talks in African language, fair
15460 3/4 1709 VOA Pinheira, afro mx talks in African lang. weak fair

15500 7/4 1135 AWR Station KSDA, Agat Guam, talks in Asian language, fair
15515 6/4 0838 Radio Kuwait, Arabic talks, weak fair fading
15540 12/4 1650 Radio Kuwait, Hurdu program, songs news, very good
15580 3/4 1706 VOA Mopeng Hill, Botswana, EE, talks about US politics, good

15605 11/4 1014 Radio Vaticana, S. Maria di Galeria, classical mx, fair //15575
15610 7/4 114o AWR Station KSDA, Agat Guam, talks in Asian lang. (reported Shan), fair good
15770 3/4 1703 Supreme Master TV, Okeechobee, FL USA, reports EE, fair
15825 3/4 1700 WWCR Nashville TN USA, talks EE, fair good

17880 6/4 0815 Radio Azadi, to Afghanistan via Thailand, Dari, talks, reports, good

domenica 11 aprile 2021

Malahit : an interesting project of an SDR STAND ALONE RECEIVER 50 kHz - 2 GHz

Based on the RF tuner of Mirics ( the same as the RSP project )  it is a very interesting project of a standalone  receiver .

Being interested for a practical use in the FM Broadcasting band and in watching satellite signals converted in L band I asked my friend Paolo Romani IZ1MLL the courtesy to give it to me his Malahit for some practical tests 

I have made three video of some very rough tests .

It looks that there is a lot of room for improvements , in my opinion adding much more preselector or bandstop filters , and especially to have the possibility to have a grid of amplitude in dB on the screen and to have the possibility to avoid what looks a very good autoscale/AGC for a receiver and a panoramic look , but not for observing signals like tipical SDR  or spectrum analyzers .