mercoledì 30 marzo 2022

Espulsione di Massa Coronale ( CME ) dal Sole colpisce domattina presto la Terra

Niente di catastrofico : Aurore Boreali , probabili black out in HF , qualche satellite potrebbe avere danni minori .

Pero' potrebbbe essere una bella "botta " a partire dalle 02:00 UT ( in pratica GMT ) .

Vedere la simulazioni e misure qui :

Chi vuole ascoltare , piu' o meno quello e' l'ora per verificare prima e dopo , diversamente conviene guardare la registrazione giornaliera dello spettrogramma qui :

I grafici di attenuazione dello strato D sono qui disponibili :

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From: Shawn K
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2022 19:50:48 PDT

"A CANNIBAL CME IS APPROACHING EARTH: Yesterday, March 28th, sunspot AR2975 unleashed a frenzy of solar flares--more than 17 in all. There were 11 C-class flares and 6 M-flares. At least two full-halo CMEs emerged from the chaos. Click to watch the storm clouds leaving the sun:
"The first CME in this movie was produced by an M4-class flare at 1129 UT. It departed the sun traveling 1259 km/s. The second CME was produced by an M1-class flare at 1923 UT. It departed even faster, traveling ~1700 km/s.
"A NOAA computer model suggests that the second CME will overtake the first, merging into a single 'Cannibal CME' before striking Earth's magnetic field around 0300 UT on March 31st....
"Cannibal CMEs are fast coronal mass ejections that sweep up slower CMEs in front of them. This NASA movie shows what happens. The mish-mash contains tangled magnetic fields and compressed plasmas that can spark strong geomagnetic storms.
"If the NOAA model is correct, the density of solar wind plasma around Earth could increase 10-fold when the CME arrives, while the solar wind speed will top 700 km/s. These events would set the stage for G2- to G3-class geomagnetic storms." for March 30, 2022