sabato 3 novembre 2012

AM Portuguese Day

La "Associaçâo de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano - ARLA" invita a todos los radioaficionados a participar en una emisión especial en amplitud modulada (AM) el sábado 3 de noviembre de 2012 en las siguentes frecuencias y horarios:
- 7,143.0 MHz (+ 5 kHz), a partir de las 9:00 UTC y mientras la propagación permita los resultados deseados, y volviendo a repetirse a partir de las 19:00 UTC en tanto la propagación permita igualmente los resultados deseados.
- 14,270.0 MHz (+ 5 kHz), desde las 13:00 hsta las 14:00 UTC.
- 29,075.0 MHz (+ 5 kHz), desde las 14:00 hasta las 15:00 UTC.
- 144,575.0 MHz (+ 5 kHz), desde las 15:00 hasta las 16:00 UTC.
- 50,775.0 MHz (+ 5 kHz), desde las 16:00 hasta las 17:00 UTC.
Se agradecerá el envío de la lista de los contactos efectuados a:

 AM Portuguese Day

• Are you one of those oldies fans or historical transmitter collector?
• Do you miss the AM phone these days?
• Looking for one of those rarer opportunities to test your home made AM radio transmitter project?
If none of these 3 questions fit on your plans for the November 3th, 2012, but you are quite interested in new challenges and want to experiment with a historical way of radio phone transmission, then why not join us on the air or simply listen on the bands for activity!
ARLA (Associação de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano) it's a regional ham radio association from Southern Portugal that will promote the third edition of the "AM Day" this year.
To get involved on this event it's simple, free and fun.
Test your modern rig or old recovered tube (valve) transmitter on this event, be part of a different pleasant day on the air, learn a lot and travel back in time, when the ham radio AM telephony was the only alternative to the CW telegraphy.
The organization team invites you to use the 40, 20, 10, 6 and 2 metres bands for this propose.
The time schedule for the event is the following:
7,143.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz) - from 09:00 UTC to... whenever the propagation allows us to get someone on the other side using Amplitude Modulation. At 19:00 UTC we are back on this band for the last round of the day.
14,270.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz) - from 13:00 UTC to 14:00 UTC.
29,075.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz) - from 14:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC.
144,575.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz) - from 15:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC.
50,575.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz) - from 16:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC.
We hope to get your call on the log, even if your A3E transmission it isn't one of those notorious "BBC quality" ones.
Let's have some fun!
Please remember on November 3th, 2012 " The AM Portuguese Day in third edition ".

73's de Miguel Andrade, CT1ETL

73 de Carlos Paoli - PY2FFZ

Per gli appassionati dei QSO Vintage vi ricordo il

Boatanchors Net Italia

ll sabato e la domenica siamo a 7.190 - 7.195 Mc in AM.

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