lunedì 17 agosto 2020

A very nice software : SATSAGEN

While I have a very good laboratory with instruments I like a lot to play with SDR Ham devices .

Last one was the Adalm Pluto , a full duplex RTX device that can work from 70 ( and even 40 ) MHz to 6 GHz with a 12 bit resolution .

While it looks more for " nerds " people , I have found that it can work with Windows in RX and TX with Console 3 and SDR Angel and with some tricks with HDSDR , but what convinced me to buy it was a really marvelous software called : SATSAGEN 

Here you have a video of presentation of one of the versions  :

Here you have the basics how to use it as a Scalar Network :

What I found exceptional for me is that you only need to install the drivers , launching the drivers exe found on the link of the page of Satsagen , then after installing the software with his exe , just start it and he provides also to open the Pluto permanently down to 70 MHz .

It starts immediately and works without any "struggling" .

I found this software one of the most ergonomic and stable ever seen and it also offer extraordinary Radiotechnical  features to test the response not only of  same input same output frequency , but also of converters and multipliers .

I realyzed proudly at the end that all was developed from a team of Italian , and more than this from Pidmont that it is my region and one of this guy was the one that introduced my self in the marvelous microwave world training me a lot and helping me when I was young .

We owned for some days a 300 km 10 GHz world record with simplest Gunnplexer RTX .

Anyway here you can have all the info of the software and credits from Alberto Ferraris that supports the software and the group with a lot of passion and competence .

There is also a Satsagen on that chat 99% in English .

The software has a very good shape , the generation and management of multiple markers is really wonderful .

What you have at the end is , from 70 ( and even 40 ) MHz till 6 GHz :
A) A Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator , also for converters and multipliers 
B) One signal generator . With Harmonics ( being the output of the Pluto a square wave ) , you can also play till 25 GHz 

Just only be careful of the limitation of the hardware , both in TX and RX , that I will show  in a video comparing with real instruments .

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