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CQ WW DX Contest CW novembre 2017

CQ WW DX Contest CW 25-26 novembre 2017

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Come saprete tutti questo contest è il "campionato del mondo" della radio amatoriale!
E' la competizione più importante dell'anno!

Anche degli amici, appartenenti alla sezione ARI di Genova, stanno affilando le antenne e scaldando le radio.
Infatti la stazione IR1Y sarà attiva nel prossimo CQ WW DX con i seguenti radioamatori:

e altri OM "foresti" (traduzione che vengono da fuori Liguria)  

nella categoria MS la più difficile! e sarà la prima volta! 

Sono molto agguerriti e cercheranno un buon piazzamento europeo. 

ecco quello che mi scrive Flavio :
Ciao Francesco,
se questa sera sarai al corso CW ne parleremo, guardati questo link di luglio 2014.

Flavio IK1YDB

A Little Hut in a Little Hamlet - Flavio Bergamasco IK1YDB 
I couldn't title this article differently because IR1Y is not a Contest station contrary to what you might think.
In 1999 , with my family, I was looking for a house with land in a relaxing location outside the chaos of the town, and I finally reached this little village.
I can't forget the curious and suspicious faces of the realtors when I used to pull out of my pocket a compass before visiting the house, and it happened that I refused to visit some houses not well faced at 360°.
Their incredulous reaction was followed by attempts to convince me with sentences like "...but this house is well exposed to the south." My answer was that "it wasn't towards the USA!" I really started to look to them like I was crazy!    
The hut, as in the title, is a little mountain chalet in between the two towns of Alessandria and Genova, on the Appennino Ligure mountains at 800 meters above sea level. Surrounded by 3000 mq of fields, in a tiny little country village with just two inhabitants but with a lot of deer, wild boar, and wolves, this is where we used to pass some spare time and summer and winter holidays with the family. The location is well opened at 360 degrees and has a special slope in the valley right towards Stateside.
As a radio amateur I got out my first satisfactions immediately, installing just a vertical antenna (Butternut) on the grass, being able to reach all the dxpeditions that with a 5 element Yagi, and some other vertical on low bands, I couldn't even dream to hear and absolutely couldn't catch from Genova (where I live).
Animated by a group of friends in 2005 we approached our first contest: WPX CW, participating as M/S with the callsign IR1R. We had a very simple setup but a great desire to do well !
A wooden chair, a radio, one amplifier, PC and a vertical Butternut HF9, three operators: IK1HJS, IK1YDB IK1YPX = 1822 qso’s, 2.265,935 points, no cluster or skimmer, was our first satisfaction, a lot of motivation to go ahead.
It’s time to move: I ask permissions to erect a 22m. tower that will support the new Optibeam OB17-4. On the same tower an inverted V 160m dipole and 80m delta loop.
The landscape from the top of the tower is very impressive: towards North America there is a downhill slope of 400m in a 300m distance with incredible signals from that direction.
Permission was obtained to use the IR1Y callsign. I liked to use the symbolic icon for this little Team honoring wolves, now populating the district, and I used to announce our participation as “the return of wolves” hi !
IR1Y became a Headquarters station for the IARU HF Championship in 2005 representing ARI. Since then, Carlo IK1HJS and I, alternate in participation to major contests, either as single or Multi Operator. In the meantime a second 15m tower can be erected , field day style, from time to time.
Results were not slow to arrive: First place in the ARI International Dx Contest, world first place in CQ WPX CW SOSB40 HP, Europe first place (third world) WPX CW SOAB LP, EU record SOAB LP ARRL DX SSB, second world and EU record SOSB 40m in the ARRL CW.
Some Italian records are still not beaten on 15, 40, 80, 160m in CQWW CW alternating IK1HJS and IK1YDB.

  • For this event the Antenna setup was:
  • 10m. 3 el delta loop @10m. (+ OB17-4)
  • 15m. 5 el yagi @13m. (+ OB17-4)
  • 20m. 5 el yagi @15m. (+ OB17-4)
  • 40m 3 el yagi @22m OB17-4
  • 80m ¼ wave vertical with 100 radials
  • 160m Inverted V dipole @22m.
  • Multiplayer station on OB 17-4 + wires
  • RX antennas: 4 EWE + DHDL
  • 4 Elecraft K3 + Icom 756 Pro III
  • 2 Amplifiers
Carlo IK1HJS (WRTC2010 team mate, and WRTC 2014 team leader) became an active member, bringing to the team other great operators such as Tony IK1QBT, and Emilio IZ1GAR (IH9X, IG9X, IH9R, IG9W).

The last contest as IR1Y was the ARRL 2014 CW. This was our first time as M2 with 5324 qso’s (including 284 Californian stations), 229 multipliers for a claimed score of 4,772,937. On this occasion Filippo IZ1LBG (WRTC Team Leader of Youth Team) and Flavio IK1SPR (WRTC2010 referee) joined the group, so the total was 6 operators.
More pictures: 1    2    3 
Well dear friends, this is the little story of IR1Y, where, in a little hut, a little group of friends like to share the same passions: DX and Contests… See you soon. Flavio IK1YDB close

 l'articolo completo lo trovate nel link alegato!

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