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"Tom Taylor passing away " ULTIMA TRASMISSIONE di EMR nel fine settimana

Tom Taylor è scomparso
Caro amico FRS,
Con grande tristezza riportiamo la morte del fondatore della European Music Radio e della leggenda delle onde corte Tom Taylor, a molti anche conosciuti come Barry Stephens.

Per molti appassionati di radio senza SW dedicati, E.M.R. era la stazione alla fine degli anni '70 e nel 1980. A partire dal 1980 E.M.R. e FRS divenne stazioni sorelle.

Entro pochi giorni un memoriale con alcuni ricordi personali sarà inserito nel sito FRS. Vi informeremo via mail quando sarà on-line.

Tutti noi di FRS siamo scioccati dalla morte di Tom. In effetti era una leggenda sulle onde corte. Che riposi in pace.
Peter Verbruggen (a nome del team FRS)

Tom Taylor passing away
Dear FRS Friend,
With great sadness we report the death of European Music Radio's founder and short wave legend Tom Taylor, to many also known as Barry Stephens.

For many dedicated SW free radio enthusiasts, E.M.R. was thé station in the late 1970s and 1980. As from 1980 onwards E.M.R. and FRS became sister stations. 

Within a few days a Memorial with some personal memories will be put on the FRS site. We will inform you via mail when it will be on-line.

All of us at FRS are shocked by Tom's death. He indeed was a short wave legend. May he rest in peace.
Peter Verbruggen (on behalf of the FRS Team)

Hello There from IRRS/NEXUS-IBA in Milan,

We are back after a while, with some very sad news. Tom Taylor, also known as

Barry Stephens, former founder of European Music Radio, and passionate Shortwave

radio enthusiast heard many times over our station, has died.

We exchanged emails last November with Tom, and he wrote me about his illness.
Tom was extremely eager to return to the air in 2018. I thought that these days
he would be able to recover quickly. However, I was wrong.

I am loosing a very good friend and a passionate radio lover alike. We are all going to miss him greatly at NEXUS.

We scheduled the last EMR program that Tom sent to us for a special broadcast
over the next weekend on:

i.) Friday, Feb 2, 2018

1900-2000 UTC on 7290 kHz (150 kW to EU) and 846 kHz MW

ii.) Saturday, Feb 3, 2018
0900-1000 UTC on 9510 kHz (150 kW to EU)

Also repeated at various other times on 846 kHz during all next week from 7PM-01
AM CET on 846 kHz to Southern Europe, and available via streaming at

Hope Tom will be enjoying good reception from the heavens.

Keep listening to Shortwave.



Alfredo E. Cotroneo, CEO, NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association

Memories Tom Taylor on-line
Dear FRS/ E.M.R.Friends,
It doesn't happen that often that I forward two messages on the same evening.

But no need to will all know the reason...
I have just uploaded my personal Tom Taylor/ E.M.R. memories. Special thanks goes out to Ian Biggar!

Just for your information:
There will be a Tribute on SW late February. Many radio people who know Tom from past and present will participate.
Of course you will be informed about time and frequency.
Apart from that (and before I heard about this great initiative from Herbert Visser) I had already decided there will be
a tribute from us at FRS as well. Hopefully in February. 
Soon I hope to publish a number of reactions I have been receiving in recent days from both radio people as well as listeners. 
Feel free to share your personal Tom Taylor/ Barry Stephens/ E.M.R. memories. We appreciate any contribution!

For now...have a good weekend!
73s from all at FRSH,
Peter Verbruggen

frs (

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