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HELP - NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association

 Abbiamo BISOGNO di voi RADIOASCOLTATORI, dei vostri rapporti di ascolto  per permettere a noi di continuare a trasmettere sulle onde corte.

 In the end, once again our broadcasters demand that we get listeners' response, otherwise it's difficult to show their supporters that anybody is listening.

Questa è la richiesta di  Alfredo E. Cotroneo di  NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association, avanti con gli ascolti, inviamo lettere e rapporti di ascolto delle loro trasmissioni. Summer 2012 schedule for IRRS-Shortwave

Hello there from Milano, Italy,

Dear listeners and friends,

It's a difficult time for any shortwave broadcasting station, you probably know that already. For a number of reasons, stations again close theirs transmitting sites, and leave the air, indefinitely. Some other reduced the number of hours, and are just about to shut down, anytime now.
As you know, it's a difficult time also for everyone individually and company-wise, and not only for those employed by large government broadcasters who shut down their shortwave operations to "save" tax money.

Today I want to share the content of a phone call with one of our long-time broadcasters, who will remain anonymous. Our role at IRRS and NEXUS-IBA has always been to provide the best possible signal to any desired target, but this is not enough. Our broadcasters are extremely concerned by the general lack of response from shortwave listeners. The essence of each broadcaster request is quite the same: "We need response, WE NEED LISTENERS's RESPONSE!, to allow us to continue broadcasting on shortwave." We always made this point very clear, when we tell you that we do need comments to our program content, NOT just mere
reception reports.

Without those who produce a program, but have no station on their own, and rely on us to bring their messages to you, we have no reason to exist. Our mission is to be a "nexus", i.e. a link between a program producer and our listeners. We do not discriminate, we are not a religious station, we are not biased by any political or religious idea, and we want to present those many different opinions that our broadcasting members want to share. This is what we wrote in the NEXUS association charter ( and the essence of our daily work in international broadcasting.

 In the end, once again our broadcasters demand that we get listeners' response, otherwise it's difficult to show their supporters that anybody is listening. Most of those on our station are not asking for money, but just listeners comments, phone calls or any kind of response to show that you are being reached with their message.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions. We will reply to each email personally. Please also mention whether you listen to our programs, on which frequency, and when, and if we can do better to continue to be your favorite station. This will help us greatly to improve and stay on the air.

Please visit our web site for more information on our daily programs:

or write us at    for more information.

Thank you and stay tuned!



Alfredo E. Cotroneo, CEO,        NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association

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